April in Ireland: Giant’s Causeway

I hiked up this mountain in 2007 and still have a picture of it hanging in my living room! Beautiful picture but does not do the real thing justice. There is the best little restaurant just at the peak that has food to die for. If you are ever in Ireland definitely a sight to see!


I remember the first time I saw a photo of the Giant’s Causeway (not long ago, embarrassingly), hypnotized by the black hexagons under sherbet sunsets.  “This has got to go on my bucket list! Where on earth is this place?”

Ireland?  Really?

Well, Northern Ireland.  Yes, it’s a different country, even though I never knew much about the distinction growing up.  Ireland was Ireland: one island shaped like a happy ghost floating toward England (seriously, look at it). Of course now I know more about what separates Ireland into two countries, and I’m glad I finally made it up to the North.

On this blessedly sunny day, I was tagging along with my aunt and two cousins, one of whom studies at Queen’s University in Belfast.  I intended to listen to our tour guide’s speech about how the rocks formed, but the views were too distracting.  So I lagged behind to snap photos and…

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