Heavenly Malibu

Caves I found exploring. Breath taking views.

Caves I found exploring. Breath taking views.

The Sunset

The Sunset

Malibu, CACactus

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CA

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Charlie Sheen's House

I recently had an amazing opportunity to travel to Malibu California & meet some fascinating people. We started on the east end of Zuma beach and worked our way over to the West end. You can walk down the beach to find some of the most beautiful houses that are architecturally diverse and absolutely stunning. Once you walk all the way west on Zuma Beach I found stunning caves right next to the home of Charlie Sheen. I would recommend wearing or brining water shoes as it get’s rocky in some of the most beautiful areas. If I had some I certainly would have been able to travel a bit further in the caves and probable would have gotten even more stunning photos to share. It was also a great place to go for a run and meet some of the locals! The beach was not over packed by any means. Instead you will see a very spacious area with some people camping out, grilling or even just playing their guitarย by the ocean. ย I had a great time exploring the area andย running on the beach. The sunset was breathtaking as well and a sight for sore eyes.ย ย On the way home we found a Nature preserve and took some more stunning photos.ย We ate at a restaurant called “The Sunset”. Their food was fresh and delicious and the view overlooks the cliff and the ocean. To top it off it just so happened a beautiful couple was getting married on the beach and we had a front row view! I truly hope you will enjoy this pictures & share your story or visit with us too!


Malibu CA

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