What’s on My Travel Bag? : MUST BRING!!!

For all my fellow world travelers out there!!! I really enjoyed this travel blog!!!! ❤ I think my followers will too! Check out http://www.thekyrahbanks.com

the Kyrah Banks

I will share with you the important clothing, documents, and gadgets you should bring when traveling. I will also give tips on the types of bag you should use and the things that should be on every bag.
Since I handle International Marketing of our company, most of the time I am either out of town or out of the country. Aside from that, my family would sometimes tour 4-5 countries in a month or go on a cruise. With these different occasions and purposes, the things I bring vary. In general, here are the things I bring when I travel:


Before packing any clothes, check the weatherand temperature forecast of the place you are going to. From there, pack the appropriate clothing to keep you comfortable, in style and according to the country’s customs.

Comfortable. If you know that the tour you will be getting will require you…

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