September with the Von

Diane 2Diane

In honor of Fashion Week and her new line, this Septembers tribute goes to Diane Von Furstenberg! She is one of my own personal favorite inspirational fashion icons and is undoubtedly a symbol of strength, persistency, resiliency and beauty. Her passion for greatness and astute eye to be able to identify creative opportunities have made her a legend in her industry and are just a few reasons why we want to honor her this month on NTF.

But first the roots… Diane Von Furstenburg came to this country with very little money and a prototype of a dress she made from back home. She created an empire with her vision and determination and is most known in the Fashion world for creating the iconic dress wrap in 1972. Her chic and elegant style has made her millions and she also is the host of a show called DVF on channel E! where women compete to become the brand ambassador for DVF.   Diane von Furstenberg, formerly Princess Diane of Furstenberg was born on December 31, 1946 in Belgian. She was once married to Austro-Italian Prince Egon von Furstenberg. Her mother, a Nazi concentration camp survivor, imbued her with confidence and a sense of self-worth. Von Fürstenberg attended finishing schools in Switzerland, Spain, and England, and in 1965 entered the University of Madrid. In 1966, she transferred to the University of Geneva, where she met Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg, heir to the Fiat automobile fortune. Diane’s story of hard work, determination, success, make her one of the most admired women in the world. Her dresses can be bought at Diane’s work has become legendary in the fashion industry and she continues to inspire generation to come!

diane-von-furstenbergDiane Cloudwalk

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