Find Your Happy



“Today I am  2,890.4 miles stronger!” is what I shouted as we arrived in Corona Del Mar just east of Newport Beach, California on February 20th, 2016. We had driven four long days with my dog, cat and two friends across country. We drove two cars deep with my belongings shamefully placed wherever I could fit them. We stopped for one night to rest in Memphis Tennessee at a family members Air Force base. I was on a mission…and nothing could stop me. My new home was calling and I could hear adventure calling from a distance. I used  those thoughts to get me through the exhaustion during our trip. When we finally arrived we were so excited to be out of the car and was happy to be home. I was excited to start unpacking and begin nesting in my new home. I slept on the floor for the first two nights and then quickly purchased an air mattress from Wal-Mart. Two of my friends came on the journey with me, for which I am forever grateful for.  It also allowed us to let loose a little once we finally arrived & check out some local SoCal venus.  It was sur-real at first, terrifying thinking about how I was going to afford a mortgage and rent. But I had a job set up and was hopeful.  Unfortunately I quickly found that the job I thought Insettled into was not what it seemed so I knew I needed to find another solution & quickly if I wanted to survive out here. After a few days of searching I was able to get hired at two different upscale restaurants (one ocean front) to supplement my short term income. For long term I continued several interviews I had started in January of that year in my preparation for my move.  Two weeks later I secured my first corporate job in the OC at a lucrative brokerages firm.


If there is one thing about my blog I want it to be honest. Don’t let me fool you if I made it sound easy, it wasn’t. We must of stopped over a dozen times and drove through snow, rain and high wind conditions to get here. I remember we took shots of espresso from a gas station in a sad attempt to help us stay awake. Even after I got there it wasn’t all smooth sailing.   I experienced a flat tire on my second day of work and was still working with the relator to get my condo rented out back home. Paying a mortgage and rent was taxing I remember thinking, “when will this get better”. But I knew that persistence is key to successful outcomes and I was far from being ready to give up.  My biggest hurtle after getting a job…a second and then a third one (yes, I may have over did it) was getting my property back home rented out. The mortgage back home and rent in California was literally sucking me dry.  Luckily, I turned to my mother and with her support and zillow, we were able to get it rented out in 2weeks. The ironic part was we actually made a pretty good team.

One of the first purchases I made was at Lowe’s. I got a lemon, lime and an orange tree and a small patio wicker chair and table set. Something I knew I could put on my new balcony and smell every morning for inspiration. Rejuvenate my zest for life & aspireing to make my dreams a reality. It is my daily reminder to continue following my dreams. My reflecting mirror to remind me with as far as I have come thee is still a way to go. 

Above picture is my lime tree one year later. 

  I am still working to fully understand what I was put on this earth to achieve. But I do feel closer, wiser and maybe most important of all stronger, with the knowledge and new found strength I earned from my travels. At the end of the day I sit here knowing I am not perfect but I am on my way to being greater than I was. I see and hear of so many friends and co-workers that are not happy in their lives and I sit here and think or maybe hope to inspire them to follow their dreams, their aspirations, their goals. Because I have now found my happy and I believe you can find yours too. The journey was amazing and certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I made come to life because I had a vision and was willing to take a risk to make it come to life. I realized not too long ago that life is too short not to be happy. So today, I challenge you to stop, think of where do you see your self happy? NOW go find it, only YOU know how to get there…  Find Your Happy.”


Comments and feedback appreciated!

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