Prey Swim by Audrina Patridge


Audrina Patridge  launched her fashion swim line Prey Swim at this years 2017 Miami Swim Week. It was Audrina's first fashion show at Miami Swim Week but you couldn't tell because she effortlessly fit right in. Her  line was vibrant and showed her creative ability to create some pretty cool yet glam swimwear.  Earthy colors reflect her rugged yet natural style. There is one more vibe I get from her line and that is it had a taste of a good old fashion country girl. The swimwear reminded of retro chic time period with hint of vintage style that has never been done before on a swimsuit. And let me be the first to tell you she made it look good! I found the brand playful and attractive and is why it makes it into one of my top designer picks to feature for this years 2017 Miami Swim Week. My two favorite looks from the below pictures is the back and white cheeky bikini with the overall attachment which is playful and unique, definitely will get a few heads turning. The yellow two piece suit with cover up that ties, on the model all the way to the right in the below picture, is perfect for a hot summer pool party. I really enjoyed Prey Swim and look forward to seeing what she will come out with next.



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