NY Fashion Week 2018…A Glowing Trend

2018 NY Fashion Week kicked off September 7-14th and was a feast for the stylish mind. There was a blast of retro colors and wild prints to satisfy the curiosity of the fashionista’s who attended in observance. Every end of the spectrum was covered from earth tones, vibrant colors to floral prints, sheer metallics and even a touch of classic chic trends with an edgy city vibe. There were so many talented designers in attendance who were eagerly waiting to reveal their collections, to the world of Fashion. Although I wish  had time to feature them all  below is my review and top picks from this year’s 2018 Spring/Summer NY Fashion Week!

Actress, producer, philanthropist, businesswoman, activist and now fashion designer  Eva Longoria, our favorite housewife also featured her new line at Metropolitan West in NY. Her casual but comfortable theme debuted mostly off the shoulder tops and stylish sweat suites with a few high waisted jeans, blouses and knee high chic dresses. Her line was hosted by KIA Style 360. 

Every Fashion Week I like to feature an up and coming designer that truly made a footprint and this year I would have to hands down, give it to Cindy Monterio. as it was her first fashion week. Her line  gives off a earthy feel with sandy tones and immediately grabs your attention. Cindy’s collection gave off a natural nautical look, and she kept in line with this them  by having her models remain barefoot. I especially loved her use of natural nautical material such as seashells and hoer use of earth tones. Each piece complemented the other had an ebb in flow feel to it.

Son Jon Wang is a master at the craft of designing high end fashion and at this years NY Fashion Week debuted 2018 Spring/Summer collection which included whimsical designs that will blow perfectly into next spring. One characteristic about this designer I especially appreciate is how and where inspiration is pulled from. This year, the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection was inspired by “The French Rivera.” Once she finds her proper inspiration she then can beautifully translate her experiences and scenery into the pieces and designs she displayed a this years Fashion Week.  Truly and inspiration for me in itself. One She used 3 of my favorite materials to creatively ensemble some of her best pieces, sequence, floral and denim.

Malan Brenton to me screams New York and what fashion week is about all about especially dare I say, on the east coast! Her line featured chic metallic, exquisite gowns, sheer sleeves and beautifully tailored suites for the everyday corporate fashionista like myself. Her line truly sparkled with style to stand out from the rest and is one worth taking the time to check out.

Finally, Stacy Bendet’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection is creatively named, Alice and Olivia. Her inspiration combines my absolute two favorite things (as my readers already know) fashion and travel! However, her inspiration is not from the city itself but the actually place she stays and the vibes it gives their guest. The Spring/Summer Collection was inspired by the hotel The Chelsea, a common New York staple of style. The vibrant colors and rustic floral  prints gave off a retro 60’s vibe  and used phrases like “the world needs more sparkle” spreading messages of inspiration to her customers and readers.

Overall this years 2017 NY Fashion Week was truly exciting embellish and get inspired by. Learning about my favorite designers and what inspired them ironically also inspires me. Their ability to pull inspiration from daily channels, experiences and even travel locations illustrates that inspiration is all around us, waiting to be chosen as a muse for a beautiful mind.

GLOWING TREND ALERT! At this year’s 2018’s NY Fashion Week one glowing trend had everyone’s talking by the end of the shows other than Stacy Bendet’s Spring/Summer collection. HOW TO GET THE MAKEUP : I recommend L’Oreal liquid eyeliner, which you can find at any local pharmacy and in several different colors. Simply apply to your bottom lid vs. your top lid. May I warn, be careful! It does burn if you happen to get it in your eye. For best results be sure to have a steady hand when applying  to let one eye completely dry before proceeding the do the other eye. If you do smudge liquid liner can be a real B**@?!* so my easy no fuss solution? Simple, use an Oil of Olay make up wipe remover to lightly rub over the area that you smudged. Then complete lining as needed again remembering to give ample time for drying!

Be sure to come back next week & check out Nikki’s Picks from 2018 Paris Fashion Week!

Comments and feedback appreciated!

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