Celebrating Style Week OC at Fashion Island

Living almost across the street from Fashion Island allowed me the privilege to attend the 2018 Style Week OC. This was my first SIMPLY event since moving to the west coast from the east coast. My first one was actually in NYC and was a ton of fun. This one was no different!

Panel interviews included Doug Mclaughlin from Nobleman Magazine, Lauren Bushnell from Ben’s season of abc’s The Bachelor (pic at top of page), Lo Bosworth from MTV’s The Hills & Laguna Beach, Ali Landry, Emma Willis, Louise Row and Scott Cuhna just to name a few. It was quite the star studded day! I was especially intrigued with the Men’s fashion panel this year led by Doug and hosted by FIDM student @JFigg. The advice was savvy and on point. Surprising questions answered such as do not wear socks or wear nude socks ๐Ÿงฆ fit men’s fall fashion and to use a vest to complement your wardrobe this winter while layering up. Doug also spoke about how he came up with the name of his magazine, which I found inspiring. The name came to him in a dream. He woke up and told his wife (Lydia from Real Housewives of Orange County) and they began building from there! Come back next week to see a full feature on Doug, Lauren & Lo & Leyla!

ย Some of the most fun I had at the 2018 Style Week at Fashion Island was the Leyla Milani’s and Lily Galichi POP up shop. I finally found my new favorite hair products. See below for the products I bought including a “Rescue Me” deep conditioning mask, Miracle Mane transformative leave in treatment, Hair Tamin all natural, gluten free,ย dietary supplement and Hair Tamin Biotin Conditioner. I also got a ton of freebies with each purchase! They included Barrett’s, a make up bag with rose colored zipper & complementary hair style by the lovely @HairbySerli (see moreย pics below).

Later that day we attended shopping parties at Neman Marcus were I picked up some Orlane Paris – Hyaluronique lifting moisturizer and ran in to Lauren Bushnell who was graciously posing once again for pictures.

Although it started a little rough with a two hour wait to check in. SIMPLY provided a chance to win $1,000 in beauty products if you were one of the first 50 people to check in. I was patiently number 31 in line until about 15 minuets until they opened the line was moved with no warning. People swarmed and cut like it was Black Friday on steroids. To my dismay I then became number 51 in line. We alerted the staff but since security was at lunch they said there wasn’t much they could do. Luckily they did end up giving out consultation bags to a few people at the end of the day, which included DHC eye lash tonic, Kitsch hair clips, Collagen Pop dietary supplement, OHX Bamboo fiber hair spray, Boo Boo Cover up concealer, lipstick by NYX in Girl crush & Honeymoon colors, UpTime -Mental & physical energy drink & finally Swisse Body & Beauty Dietary supplement ….. (See pics below) Every attendee also received a “Simply Style Week” notebook and pen to take notes at the pannel interviews that were held later that day.

Overall the event was sexy, informative and best of all FUN!!! I have already started testing The Hair Tamin Conditioner and capsules that promise hair growth, length and strength and am excited to try all the other beauty products received. I will be posting the progress on my Instagram account @nikkistravelingfashion to show the results in 30 days!

Rmas Cheerleaders stopped

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