Doug McLaughlin, A true Orange County Gentleman 🍊🎩

Our hats off to Doug McLaughlin for representing his family, magazine and sense of style at the first Men’s Fashion panel at the 2018 Orange County Style Week. The Men’s panel portion of the event was a first of its type for Orange County Style Week. The event was hosted by @Simply at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. Some words of wisdom he encouraged were NO socks with shoes or nude colored socks for men. He also made a note of emphasizing mens’ vests are a trendy way to not only stay warm but a great way to accessorize this fall. He recommended a vest with a pop up collar for an xtra sharp look thus winter! He also encouraged investing in a quality set of luggage when traveling. He prefers to travel with some Louis Vuitton luggage and in comfortable Chino shoes. (See video clip 2 below )

Off stage Doug was quite the gentleman as well. He graciously posed for pictures and let’s be real..of course I asked for more than one! He responded when when I said said “Hi” as he walked by. Very cool and approachable showing us all, that being humble is still in style and trending.

Check out some more pics and videos of Doug chatting it up at Orange County 2018 Style Week!

Find Out how Doug McLaughlin stresses his Real Housewife, Lydia out right before they go on vacation and then of course how he makes up for it! 🛫❤️

Doug McLaughlin waving Hello 👋🏼 as he prepares to go on stage for the men’s fashion panel.

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