About My Journey

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Throughout life I have always been drawn to traveling & fashion but struggled to properly find a way to express my love for them…until now. Like many, I went to school to further my education and will be completing my MBA program requirements in 2015.  I have always loved to write as well and feel the universe has led me to this. Blogging is an opportunity to bring your ideas to life. A way to express your visions and thoughts regarding travel, fashion and lifestyle. I used blogging initially as an outlet to express my creative ability and love for styling. However over time it has become more than just an outlet, it also provides me with a completely different and unique experience from the everyday routine we sometimes find ourselves in. It has become over time “my escape” and inspiration. I then thought to myself if I can find a way to pass on this feeling of hope and inspiration to others that would be my ultimate achievement thus far in life.  I hope to inspire my readers and in time earn your trust and loyalty so that my blog can inspire your to find “your escape” too.

Exploring different locations around the world is another exhilarating topic for me. I have traveled most of my life. First with my family then as an adult with a never-ending thirst for exploration. People have always fascinated me and especially those with a unique sense of fashion. All over the world, for centuries women have provided inspiration to each other to create ways to bring out their inner beauty to the surface. I love seeing what other countries have to offer in this area. My lust for exploration and what other cultures have to offer has driven me to travel and learn from my experiences and what they have to offer. Whether traveling for business or visiting family and friends I truly learn something from each location I travel to. I am proud to say I have traveled more than most people my age and hope to continue this dream of mine in the future. One fun challenge I face while traveling, is staying trendy in foreign locations as I am “on the go.”  I want my blog to also be useful for my fellow travelers and followers so it can truly add value to your life. Whether to get inspired or shop we believe in class elegance and wearing looks that make YOU feel AMAZING! I know how hard it can be to stay trendy when you live in cold climates as I am native to CT where we get quite a bit of snow. This can be tricky especially when traveling overseas and in other countries. I have found just the right combination and will share my tips and secrets with you.  I hope my reflections & unique style will inspire my readers and add value to my blogging community! Furthermore, I hope to inspire you to share your thoughts ideas and comments with us!

I invite you to escape with us. This blog is all about inspiring others to customize their look per location! Try something new that will make you smile! Just like the appropriate beverage should compliment a meal, the shoes, accessories and ensemble should compliment an individual’s personality, tastes &

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for following. <3 Nikki

Me and my travel partner, Bella~Bear.

interests. It’s time to bring out the beauty in your style and share ideas with each other on how to create and match trends as you travel! 

I welcome you to just be YOU! Share your feedback, likes & comments. Tell us what you think!  I provide many of my favorite sites, style guides and click through links to buy, on the bottom of my page! Whether you share your ideas, links, or follow this blog,  I want to thank you for your time, encouragement, loyalty and for taking a moment to escape with us!    Lots of Love, ❤ Nikki

Comments and feedback appreciated!

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