Miami Swim Week 2017


The much anticipated 2017 Swim Week has finally arrived where swimsuit designers around the world congregate to show off their latest forms of expression and artistic designs on the bodies of hot models surrounded by amazing music, gourmet food and drinks! Each designer showing off their top priorities of their brands and values. From echo friendly suits to reversible double wear swim wear, each designer showed a piece of themselves sending a clear message to their buyers and followers alike. I feel a sense of pride this year in many of the designers taking a personal interest in topics they are passionate about and conveying that to their audiences such as diversity, individuality, echo friendly and ethically produced fashion to name a few. The overall theme included hints of tropical travel and modern chic vibes. Here is my read on some of my favorite 2017 Miami Swim week designers.

My top pick from this year's designers is by far Aubrey Rey who designed the collection, Revel Ray Swimwear. Aubrey is known for her unique one of a kind prints and jungle was one of the first designers to catch my eye. The boho chic vibe with a tropical touches of allurement was very pleasing and seductive to the eye. One quality making this designer stand out is not only are her swimsuits reversible so you get more for your buck, but they are hand painted making each suitone of a kind piece made just for you.  Another attribute that attracts me to this designer's style is like myself, most of her work is inspired by her travels although hers may be a little more exotic such as bora bora and Maui nonetheless gives us a relatable connection.  This line is a creative expression of the soul. I find it marvelous and beautiful and very natural looking way. I checked out her website after seeing her fashion show and it was just as amazing. Vibrant, chic and full of class.  Be sure to check out the "Underwater Mermaid Photo Shoot" and  this season's lookbook. Go to to see more or shop.


Next up we have "Hot as Hell" which is a bold brand new brand celebrating their third time at Miami Fashion Week. Hot as Hell is known for celebrating individuality and you can tell by the name is pretty hot right now. Their high fashion trends reflect a modern, city look that is real and down to earth. They are one of the only designers featuring women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities at this years Miami Swim Week! This contemporary brand's designer, Sharleen Enster, makes it a point ensure they her company is echo friendly and prides themselves on making creating sustainable fashion that is ethically produced. Now, that is a company and a designer that I can get behind. It surprises me that not all companies see the benefit in running their companies with these values not only in mind but as a part of their standardized processes. This line injects inspiration in to their followers and was creatively designed to create a stir…and it worked!  Her line is truly made for all, with a modern and sexy edge that focus' on classic colors ensuring their pieces are timeless and unforgettable. The collection focused on the idea of “paradise found:” that Rousseauian notion (by way of Milton) of “nobility in nature.”

Hot as Hell keeps it effortlessly sexy.

Finally we have Agua Bendita Swimwear which is a vibrant, bold and Columbian inspired swim line mastered by designer Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza. Their swim suites have been featured by Sports Illustrated (see below for clip) and perfect to be worn at events such as Coachella, which they have an entire campaign for.  This young inspirations have designed a company and line that is full of zest, color and style! If you read their "About Us" Page you will read a story of courage, risk and passion, all details I learned after their style line and brand spoke to me. Read more, see more or shop their line by going to :


Designers: Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza

Comments and feedback appreciated!

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