Hats Off to Paris Fashion Week 2018

This year’s 2018 Paris Fashion Week better known by its followers as the SS18,  was from September 26th to October 3rd. Although there were many unique and gifted designers in attendance this year, Nikki’s Traveling Fashion wanted to give homage and honor due to my top three designer picks below for exquisitely and uniquely displaying their collections for our own interpretations and to please our ultimate fashion desires. These collections expressed a truly one of kind experience through their designs and musical inspiration, but also featured strong messages from their creators. Ultimately the collections were chic, stylish and seemed to have a “Ready to Wear” theme.

What do I mean by “Ready to Wear?” Often, I find my self purchasing a stunning gown or outfit with no appropriate place to wear it or going to a fashion show loving the design but left wondering what occasion would actually be fitting for such an outfit? Have you ever done this? I know I am guilty as charged, so now I try to remember to consider the wearability factor before I make my purchase whether at a show or in a department store or boutique. Another important  detail to remember is most designs fresh off the runway need to be re-accessorized as into something I can wear on a day to day basis.

Historically, Christian Dior has always been known for his traditional designs that encompass era’s of timeless class. This year his line was nothing short of the expectation, uniquely exquisite and traditional  in what we have come to expect from his collection. Unique designs by Christian Dior, Coco Channel & Leonard Paris captured my attention and my heart with their collections at this year’s 2018 Paris Fashion Week.

Leonard Paris 2018

“Polynesia’s lush flora contrasted with mathematical rigor: harmonious oppositions lead the way in Leonard’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection, which explores the tension between nature and nurture, instinct and education, control and pleasure…”  such seductive wording used by FWO (Fashion Week ONline) to describe Leanard Paris’,  collection at this year’s 2018 Paris Fashion Week. Leonard’s collection is one I could actually see myself wearing and after review of all the designers the collection stands out magnificently and truly has that “wearable” element to it that I spoke of earlier. Silks that fall delicately adjacent to your skin and complements its host twisted and sculpted to fit the contour of the body just right. I began to fantasize on how it would feel to actually wear the romper and allow it to drape my body. By using such a material the clothing will not only cling to your body but will also excite you at the idea of even wearing it.  Comfortable, stylish, vibrant and each one marvelously complementing the other. The color palate was led by hue’s of deep sapphire blue’s, jungle greens, golds and magenta’s.

Another aspect that stood out for Leonard’s line was its versatility. The ability to mix and match is clear and I always appreciate the option to wear a fabulous romper, pant suite or dress options depending on the occasion and location.

Christian Dior’ 2018

Dior color scheme of black, navy blues, sparkles, frills, high neck line sheer embroidery’s carefully woven to reflect a unique artists perspective. Staying true to the Dior culture the collection was chic, bold and yet still traditional using lots of sheer navy blues, blacks and touches of gold accents.

Chanel 2018

Picture yourself strolling through a day in the novel of The Great Gatsby but on a rainy day with a backdrop of cascading waterfalls behind you…. that is how you may of felt if you attended this years 2018 Chanel Paris Fashion Week. Inspired by celebrates Gabrielle Chanel’s life before she became ‘Coco Chanel‘., Karl Lagerfeld’s collection was nothing short of brilliant creating a Ready to Wear line that is truly timeless. The show took place at the very famous Grand Palais.


A mist from the 1920’s era crept into this years 2018 Chanel Fashion Show as Karl Lagerfeld’s designs for the new season featured palettes of  sky blues and jungle greens in a range of acid pastels, radiant whites, and iridescent fabrics. The ethereal collection plays with subtle associations, contrasting lengths, clean lines, and light, airy shapes. The classic, light and fluffy collection featured tweed prints, lace and floral patterns. Suite pants, chiffon blouses and scarves, lurex thread in coat-dresses made this collection stunning in its own right. Must have accessories that almost every model had on was a plastic hat and small dazzling purse to complete the look. The hats in my opinion were a necessity and reoccurring trend and was a clear intent of the designers pieces. Clear boots was another hot reoccurring accessory trend that seemed to be a staple through out the show. Let us know what you think of our top three picks in our comments section below!!  🙂  ❤

Comments and feedback appreciated!

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