The West Hollywood Standard?

  My birthday weekend in West Hollywood was quite the experience. We started with a pool party at The Standard, followed by dinner and VIP at night at a club called Create. We shared a VIP bottle service and a table behind the DJ booth were we enjoyed beats by DJ 3LAU…

                West Hollywood was the selected venue of choice for my 32nd birthday and sadly for the first time have mixed reviews in regards to our stay. We expected a chic, modern hotel with a happening rooftop pool, gourmet food and top level service. Pool side we were greeted by a great server and her adorable little dog. We also took some cute pictures which I shared above and below. Those are the two positive things I can say about our time at The Standard.

                We greeted our friends by the pool and distracted them with some drinks while I reminded the front desk to set up the room with a birthday surprise for her. I also had called ahead of time to plan something for my friend but the front desk seemed to have no idea when I arrived. They gave little regard to the fact the request was not met and did nothing after being reminded twice after arrival.  I went and distracted my friend for another 30mins and then we went back to the room….nothing was ever set up for her. I was also disappointed by the size of the pool and the dog park outside our room that woke us up at  6am. Our key cards did not work once, leaving us going back and forth to the front desk every time we came and left. I remember thinking, “for a requested special weekend ” this was not that special. Finally, when we got our bill it was twice the price we originally booked. I had to show them my confirmation email and argue bit just to get what was supposed to be already promised. When we finally got the manager on duty they offered us a discount to come back. I am not even confident at this point it would be honored.  In fact, the lack of service would be the first thing to come to mind when I think about our stay. I advise my followers to save their money for a more appreciative venue who will honor their requests and be attentive to their guests.

❤ Nikki ❤



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