April and May Mother Daughter Duo

Yolanda Foster AprilGigi Hadid                    


 This month we selected to combine April and May for our monthly inspirational features in honor of this mother-daughter duo. We considered qualities such as humanity, philanthropy and success. However when success is achieved at such a young age and handled with grace and integrity, I deem it to be commendable. The individuals I am referring to is Gigi Hadid and her mother Yolanda Foster. They are a mother daughter  team that has gained international attention through their work as super models, contributions to charities and they are also woman’s advocates. Yolanda Foster is a mother of three and unfortunately is currently fighting her battle against Lyme disease. Her recovery has been a struggle and has greatly impacted her day to day ability to work as she used to. We would like to honor her this Mother’s Day to send our support to her in her time of need.  This Dutch American television personality, model, and interior designer is best known for starring on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is also an inspirational figure to many woman in my generation. She may seem like she has it all but still encompasses very humane virtues and personality traits that reflect compassion and understanding for others. She is a mother, wife and daughter that has shown her own children how to wbella-and-gigi-hadid-12alk and shine in her light. They learned from her gracefulness and have each found success in their lives as a result. We will leave you this mother’s day with a quote from her,  “Happiness can’t be owned or earned.”

  ~ Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the mother’s out there! ~

From all of us at Nikki’s Traveling Fashion!

Comments and feedback appreciated!

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