Find Your Inner Light This June with Negin Misalehi

Warm-up to WhiteIt is incredibly important to take the time to reflect daily on your life and your actions. We strive to inspire others on this blog and this June we are also looking to help others feel good about what they wear. We hope to inspire your unique inner beauty and acts of kindness for all our readers. This June for our monthly inspirational tribute we wanted to highlight Negin Misalehi who was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She runs her own global media brand and is our inspiration this month. She chooses classic looks for many of her blog and Instagram post and says travel, fashion and meeting new people are her inspiration in life.

This month try to find way’s to let your inner light shine. I have found you can accomplish this through growth and reflection. You can find beauty within you never knew existed and it can lead you in a completely new direction. Simply “follow the light” close your eyes and feel  where the universe is pulling you and what attracts positivity in kindness into your life. Picture your path and envision your happiness. Negin classic style and clean yet alluring posts have attracted followers from around the world.”

June Inspiration

Negin Mirsalehi & Her Fabulous Closet

“Negin describes her style as mostly casual chic. Looking at her images it is hard to disagree. Yes, her looks are quite casual, yet there is always that touch of exquisite elegance that makes each of the ensembles more outstanding. She admits changing her style from time to time – well, I guess every each of us does it. For instance, Negin might wear a super romantic frock today and then go for an edgy look the next day. Such a diversity definitely deserves high appraisal.”

Her style icon:
“I actually don’t have a style icon, I like to get inspired by various people and different aspects. I think you can get inspired by anything, such as music, art, nature, and travelling. But if I have to choose one person, I’d say Olivia Palermo. She’s always on point!”


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