October Inspiration with MADISON GUEST

Madison Kent 3 October Inspiration – Madison Guest Styling 101

On Sunday October 25,2015, I attended the Simply Stylist Conference in Manhattan, New York. It was my first time at an event of it’s kind! They had guest speakers that ranged from celebrity stylist Madison Guest to E! Host Cat Saddler! Madison Guest was by far my favorite panel speaker. She is a LA based celebrity stylist and is best known for styling the Kardashians and Selena Gomez. She started out as an assistant stylist and has made a name for herself in the fashion and style industry through her hard work and determination. She talked about how she was ridiculed when she was younger and how she used those emotions to fuel her drive and help her get where she is today. Although her panel was only thirty minuets, she was quick to the point highlighting tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the fashion industry and how to be a successful stylist whether you choose to be a personal stylist or a celebrity stylist. She states “It’s merely a preference!” Find what works best for you. Madison provided personal  life experiences to captivate and inspire her audience and shared how she herself got started in the industry. She provides insight into how she got started in the industry and provides the below inspirational tips to her fellow bloggers, stylists and fashion lovers. I hope you will enjoy her words of wisdom as much as I did!

Do what you lov e

Fashion Style Tips 101 by MADISON GUEST:

Madison Kent 3

1. Don’t complain when being asked to do something that is not in your job description! Just do it, and do it really, really well!

2. Decide whether you want to be a celebrity stylist or a personal stylist. It is a personal preference and only you can decide what works best you.

3. Don’t be afraid to miss family dinners and holiday’s when assisting styling.

4. Find them! It’s so easy now! Show them you want them and stalk your employer. Use social media as your tool to connect!

5. What’s cool about editorial styling is that YOU can just do it! Do your own editorials! Find a photographer, find a make up artist and be creative!

6. If you have a hard  trends, just don’t! No need to force it if it’s not your thing! Just be you!

Here are more pictures from the 2015 Simply Stylist Event in NYC!

.Simply Stylist 13Simply Stylist 8Left sideMadison Kent 2Simply Stylist 11Candy20151025_180702Simply StylistSimply Stylist 2Shop Style

See clips from the show below!


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